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The Felions Dance Team is active at hundreds of charitable, community, educational and corporate events throughout the lower mainland throughout the year. If you believe an appearance by the Felions Dance Team will benefit your event, please contact for more information. All appearance requests must be made no less than three weeks prior to your event.

Please be aware that due to the large number of requests, appearances are not guaranteed. Therefore, no promotion involving the Felions Dance Team should precede confirmation of an appearance.

Minimums of two dancers and four hours per event apply.

Click here to complete the Felion appearance request form (note:  if you have any problems completing the form, please email

Appearance Fees:

1. Corporate / Commercial

Events falling under this category are charged an hourly rate of $50.00 per hour, per Felion Dance Team member. Please outline your expectations for the Felions at your event, (ie. autograph session, photograph session, speaking required).

2. Charitable / Community / Non-profit

Events falling under this category are pro bono. Many civic organizations offer honorariums to the Felions Dance Team which are appreciated. Due to the high number of charitable requests, the Felions are unfortunately unable to honour all requests.

Parking, water and suitable, secure change facilities must be made available at all Felions events.

Minimums of 2 dancers and 4 hours per event apply.

Group Appearances:

The Felions Dance Team is available for team performances in groups of four to 32


Fees for group performances are based on the number of dancers and length of performances

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