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About the Waterboys

The Waterboys

The late Bob Ackles joined the BC Lions Football Club as a Waterboy at the age of 15.  Upon his return to the club in 2003, the former president and CEO wanted to re-establish the passion and aura surrounding the Lions that had previously existed.  As a member of a team, he knew he needed support from others and thus created the Waterboys.

Who are the Waterboys?

With more than 120 members to date, the Waterboys are a dynamic group of British Columbia business leaders engaged in building the BC Lions Football Club's brand and relationships in the corporate community.

The Waterboys are team ambassadors, sharing their business acumen with the club and delivering positive messages to potential corporate partners and fans.  At Waterboy meetings throughout the year, president Dennis Skulsky, vice president George Chayka and GM and head coach Wally Buono share team benchmarks, direction and achievements.

In 2005, the CFL honoured the Waterboys with the Commissioner's Award in recognition of their efforts in the community and for their outstanding work in helping the city of Vancouver play host to the 2005 Grey Cup.

For more information about the Waterboys, please contact:

Dave MacLean

For inquiries regarding becoming a Waterboy for the team during a game, please call 604.930.5466


Waterboys Pic 4 Waterboys Pic 3
Bill Weymark, Bob Ackles, Commander Mike Knippel,
Tom Malone, George Chayka
September 21, 2006
HMCS Vancouver
George Chayka, Tom Malone, Bob Ackles, Bill Weymark,
Geroy Simon, Jamie Pitblado, Moray Keith
November 30, 2006
Dueck GM
Waterboys Pic 5
Moray Keith, George Chayka, Tom Malone, Dennis Skulsky,
Former CFL Commissioner Tom Wright, Bob Ackles
February 1, 2006
Waterboys receive the
CFL Commissioners Award
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