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Seat Relocation Program

After each season we give our season ticket holders the option to move their seats. If you are interested in doing so please fill out the form below.

This information is gathered by our customer service team and inputted into your account on our ticketing system. Each year around February-March, we pull all of our seat change requests and email all interested season ticket holders an appointment time to call in and pick new seats. These appointment times are booked in priority order, based on their tenure as a season ticket holder with the club.

If you are interested in looking into a seat change please fill out the information below. Please note that this is simply a request, all seat changes are subject to seat availability and we will do our best to match your request as closely as possible.

If you require a seating chart to fill out this request, you can find it HERE.

Please complete all fields below:

Seat Relocation Program
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