May 2, 2011

Draft profile: Brad Sinopoli

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TORONTO —  Despite winning the Hec Crighton award in 2010, Ottawa Gee-Gees quarterback Brad Sinopoli knows he has his work cut out for him if wants to make it to the CFL and remain a quarterback.

“If you’re a quarterback, you’re pretty much told from day one that if you have aspirations to go to the CFL as a quarterback you can forget about it. Start catching balls and running routes,” Sinopoli said. “There has to be someone along the way that changes that.

“I just need that chance. That’s all.”

For proof of what Sinopoli can do when given a chance look no further than his sensational 2010 season. The 6-foot-4, 210-pound QB led the country with 2,756 passing yards, 22 touchdown passes and 184 completions in conference play, all school records. He was also the Gee-Gees’ leading rusher with 534 yards on only 42 carries for a CIS-leading average of 12.7 yards per carry.

Despite the numbers, Sinopoli is not the kind of prospect to simply be content with his skill set.

The Peterborough native met with six of the eight CFL franchises during the CFL’s annual Evaluation Camp in March. During the interviews teams asked Sinopoli what he thought he needed to work on to push himself to the next level.

“I said it’s accuracy. At that level the game speeds up, so accuracy is so important. You have to make sure you are putting the ball where it should be.”

That desire to constantly improve and learn also makes Sinopoli a coach’s dream says Ottawa head coach Jean-Philippe Asselin.

“I’ve coached a lot of great players, but unlike any of them he’s very open to trying new things,” Asselin said. “He’s not stuck in the things that he does. He has a very open mind.”

And despite the uphill battle of trying to crack a roster as a quarterback, Sinopoli says he is proud of his Canadian roots and wouldn’t change a thing.

“You have to earn your spot. I’m extremely proud to be playing in Canada,” said Sinopoli. “If I could change my life and grow up in the United States I wouldn’t do that — I love the Canadian game.”

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