June 12, 2013

Training Camp Report: Day 11

BCLions.com Staff

The Leos hit the field at Hillside Stadium on Wednesday morning with a spring in their step as day 11 marked the last day of two-a-day practices.

Under sunny skies, the morning period was in shells and shorts as quarterback Travis Lulay had another sharp session hooking up with Emmanuel Arceneaux on a number of occasions as well as Shawn Gore.

Second-year quarterback Thomas DeMarco continues to make a case for himself at the number two position with plenty of reps and some deep completions of his own to rookie receivers Travon Patterson and Elvis Akpla in ‘no-huddle’ period and fellow sophomore Ernest Jackson during skelly.

The morning’s team period included some nice inside running by both Andrew Harris and Tim Brown with Nick Moore looking smooth yet again with some tough catches over the middle.

Responding for the defence, Jason Arakgi had a nifty pass knockdown and some great play reading while defensive back Gerard Lawson enjoyed a full day on the corner with Dante Marsh and Ryan Phillips taking the day off to rest their veteran bones.

The third ‘Bonzai’ period of camp where the offence essentially runs plays until they are stopped on downs by the defense ended with a TD grab by Nick Moore from Travis Lulay. The ensuing celebration by members of the receiving corps took place about ten yards from GM Wally Buono, who looked about as impressed a guy who stepped in gum.

Speaking of celebrations, today’s session was cut short by head coach Mike Benevides who, as per tradition, gave the squad the afternoon off under one condition: an offensive lineman and defensive lineman must each catch two of three punts in order to ‘win’ themselves some extra R and R. Check out the challenge and the pandemonium that followed here.

Next up: Thursday, June 13 – 2:00 pm to 3:45 pm