June 16, 2013

Training Camp Report: Day 15

BCLions.com Staff

The Lions hit the field on Sunday for one padded practice session, marking the completion of the second full week of 2013 training camp.

Battling ferocious winds and threatening clouds characteristic of a Kamloops summer storm, head coach Mike Benevides kept one eye on the sky as he shortened all periods in an effort to get a complete practice in.

Fresh off of Friday’s pre-season win in Calgary, quarterback Travis Lulay was still effective into the wind, keeping his passes short during the skelly and team periods while managing a long completion to Emmanuel Arceneaux.

Not to be outdone, the defence responded with plenty of pressure courtesy of lineman Khreem Smith while defensive backs Cord Parks and DeAngelo Smith both snagged interceptions aided by high winds.

To put it mildly, field goals were an adventure and became more interesting with 30 players screaming in the ears of the field goal team. Unfazed by the pandemonium around him, veteran kicker Paul McCallum was two for three despite one snap a bit off the mark of holder Thomas DeMarco.

Quote of the day: “It will be windy in Regina in November too…and there will be plenty of orange.” – Head coach Mike Benevides addressing the team following practice.

Next up: Monday, June 17 – 3:00 pm to 5:30 pm