January 24, 2014

Coach Benevides shows his heart at Variety Telethon

Coach Benevides shows his heart at Variety Telethon

Fresh off his visit to the Senior Bowl preparations in Alabama, Lions head coach Mike Benevides will be patrolling the sidelines of the Variety’s 48th annual Show of Hearts Telethon this weekend. It’s a chance for the father of two to give back to the community before his waking hours become occupied fulltime with football.

“It’s always on my mind to try and get out there and volunteer my time to some worthwhile causes and the Variety Telethon is a great fit for me,” says Benevides.

Dating back to 1965, Variety – The Children’s Charity has raised more than $170 million for children with special needs in British Columbia. In 2013, the charity brought in an amazing $7.1 million which is used to purchase much-needed high-tech equipment.

“The network of volunteers that Variety has established has really had a positive impact on their ability to focus the vast majority of their fundraising  proceeds on the kids that need it most,” adds Benevides. “As a father of two, it makes me very proud to help try and make a difference in the lives of both kids and parents.”

The third-year head coach will be featured on the telethon’s Gold Panel of pledge-takers from 10:00 pm to 12:00 am on Saturday night and fans can reach Mike directly at 604-549-7035 to make a donation and even talk a little Lions football too.

“I’m always up for some football chat with our fans,” chuckles Benevides. “I love their passion and their input and hopefully we can so something good for some folks who need our help.”


BC Lions wide receiver Marco Iannuzzi will also be answering calls at the telethon. To chat with him and make a generous donation,  use his direct line: 604-549-7036.






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