March 11, 2014

Kirby Fabien back in action Staff

The Lions received some encouraging news last Friday as team doctor Bob McCormack stopped by the club’s practice facility to visit with GM Wally Buono and check up on the progress of quarterback Travis Lulay and offensive lineman Kirby Fabien. Fans will recall Fabien went down with a serious knee injury in Toronto last year just five games into what was looking like a very good rookie campaign for the University of Calgary grad.

“The good news is that both Travis and Kirby are exactly where we need them to be at this time in their rehabilitation,” said Buono. “In the case of Travis we’re probably going to have to make sure he doesn’t try to do too much too soon because we know he’s itching to get throwing with the guys. For Kirby, I know he had Dan Dorazio put him through a pretty strenuous workout on Friday and all signs are very positive at this time.”

For Fabien, time remains in his favour and he’ll continue to work hard in preparation for camp in June but he knows there’s still some work ahead.

“I hadn’t done the kind of footwork drills that Dan specializes in and even though there was some fatigue afterwards which I expected, I was also very happy with how it went Friday,” said Fabien. “I’ll be back in BC in April to work with guys but I’m excited about where I’m at right now.”


VIDEO: Fabien back in action at the BC Lions Training Facility