March 13, 2016

Saturday Stars: Dunk’s 3 best from Combine Saturday

TORONTO — On a day where strength and brute power took centre stage, three players made significant strides in improving their draft status according to Combine Insider Justin Dunk.

The former Guelph quarterback took in the day as a commentator on’s Live Broadcast of the 2016 Combine and weighed in on who he though stood out the most during Saturday’s testing.

So who is on Dunk’s radar after Day 1?

1. Brian Jones, WR, Acadia

Saturday Results: Bench 24 | Vertical 34.00″

Dunk’s Take: “At 6-foot-4, 233 pounds, Jones carries a chiseled frame and looks like a slotback who could come in and contribute early in his career. He’s got the strength required to come into the box and block if needed, or absorb a hit across the middle when catching a pass.”

“It’s impressive to see a receiver with his kind of size leap as high as he can.”

“His arrow is already pointing up and we’re only through Saturday of the combine.”

2. Philippe Gagnon, OL, Laval

Saturday Results: Bench 40 | Vertical 24.50″

Dunk’s Take: “Coming into the combine, there were some scouts who thought Gagnon and not Charles Vaillancourt was the best offensive lineman in this draft and he provided some proof of that on Saturday.”

“His body looks lean and athletic. You would never guess that he weighs 317 pounds and he carries it very well.”

“Gagnon’s showing on the bench was special because it displayed his impressive muscle stamina.”

3. Felix Faubert-Lussier, WR, Laval

Saturday Results: Bench 24 | Vertical 34.50″

Dunk’s Take: “Faubert was one of my top non-Scouting Bureau prospects to watch coming into the combine, and he showed why on Saturday. Faubert is well put together and also explosive, showing that off with his high vertical leap.”

“Scouts think he could be a versatile player on offence that could play in the slot, lineup at H-back or fullback spots. With the thickness, strength and overall athleticism, he’s proving that he can be that type of player.”