December 23, 2016

Christmas Quotables: Favourite Foods

Indulging: when it comes to food at Christmas, who doesn’t love doing a little bit of that? We all know football players love their food and based on what we talked about with members of your BC Lions, the Christmas season is certainly no exception! The offseason diet is out the window for a couple of days during the season and for good reason. Who doesn’t enjoy the various foods and treats cooked by their loved ones this time of the year. Our final instalment of Christmas Quotables is dedicated to our players’ favourite foods!

Jeremiah Johnson

My wife cooks an amazing turkey. It never fails. She doesn’t put any stuffing inside of it just vegetables and nice greens. Let me tell you, she rubs on that chicken. She won’t even tell me the secret to the rub. She gets under the skin of that turkey and just does something to it. It’s so good. She cooks that for us ever Christmas and I am looking forward to it again for sure.


Eric Fraser

Mashed potatoes. I loved potatoes growing up. I think I have moved into more of a stuffing guy now. Not to say that turkey isn’t good but there is something about some really good stuffing. It fills you up, it keeps you warm and it makes you feel good.


Jovan Olafioye

My favourite Christmas food has got to be my family’s gumbo recipe. I have eaten this every Christmas for as long as I can remember. It is a recipe that has been passed down for many generations of Olafioye’s and it always leaves me satisfied. It is very delicious!


Stephen Adekolu

I think I would have to say eggnog only because it’s always available and on sale during the Christmas holidays. You can’t go wrong with the taste of it either! I also have to mention my Mom’s jollof rice African dish and pounded yam. She really is an outstanding cook and come holiday time that is amplified even more!


It’s a big reason we don’t worry about our diets until the New Year! Who isn’t starving after reading this? Family and good food are just two of the many great aspects of the Christmas season! Be sure to check on Christmas Eve for the final instalment of our quotables series! We will ask members of the organization about the best gifts they have ever received.