December 24, 2016

Christmas Quotables: Favourite Presents

Tis’ the season! Our Christmas Quotable series concludes with one of the best things about the holidays: presents! For many of us, the holiday season is not only a time of giving but also the chance to reflect on some of the great memories from previous years. We talk to a few players about the best gift they ever received.

Travis Lulay

“When I was kid we eventually made the leap from renting skis to owning them. As I was growing up that became probably our favourite winter tradition, skiing. I don’t do it today, because obviously with what I do for a living it’s a bit of a liability, but I loved skiing and will take that sport up again when my playing days were done. I remember seeing a tall, skinny present wrapped up and hoping what it would be. When we opened those skis up, it was pretty awesome.”

B.C. Lions' quarterback Travis Lulay looks for a receiver during second half CFL Western Final football action against the Calgary Stampeders in Calgary, Sunday, Nov. 20, 2016.THE CANADIAN PRESS/Jeff McIntosh

Jeremiah Johnson

“I’m a big video game guy. Growing up I had the Sega Genesis and all the different consoles that game out. Going to college that luxury isn’t there anymore because you have to take care of yourself. I met my wife there (University of Oregon) and we had been dating for about a year when my original Xbox started to break down. So I am fixing it and she is wondering how I am going to do it. She ended up buying me the new Xbox and about three or four games. It was a surprise. She had hooked it up for me already and I went to go play what I thought was my old Xbox and I asked her where my controller was. She said ‘it’s right there’ and I notice this brand new one. Once I saw the console I turned to her and said ‘oh no you didn’t!’ It was really awesome, one of those things I will always cherish because the money wasn’t there yet and she was working two jobs.”


Eric Fraser

“I think when you’re a kid you like them all but I remember my Grandma used to get me and my cousins these terrible sweaters every year, knit ones that we always hated. It’s really funny to look back on now; my Grandpa used to hand out the presents and we always knew when the sweater was coming based on the wrapping. And then we would open them and pretend to love them and say ‘Thank You Grandma!’ Deep down inside we knew it was a good thing because after awhile they were donated to homeless shelters as soon as we got back to the Lower Mainland.”

37 Fraser Eric flex



Mike Benson

The best Christmas gift I ever received was when I was maybe 7 or 8 years old from my Dad. It was a return flight to and from Edmonton for me, him, my mom and sister. It was the first time I had ever been on an airplane and the first time I got to experience West Edmonton Mall, which we all know is an 8-year old kid’s dream park. It was for me anyway. A lot of hilarious events happened over the 4 days we stayed there, some that we still laugh about. Oh my Papa!

B.C. Lions' Mike Benson, centre, holds his head as the team loses to the Calgary Stampeders during the finals minutes of CFL Western Final football action in Calgary, Sunday, Nov. 20, 2016.THE CANADIAN PRESS/Jeff McIntosh


Who didn’t love video games as a kid? Jeremiah’s story also serves as a reminder that our loved ones can sure make us smile extra during the holidays. In this part of the world, skiing gear would no doubt be an outstanding gift for any avid outdoors person. And as far as Fraser goes, we can all agree donating gifts to shelters is always a great thing to do during this season of giving. Thanks for reading our Christmas Quotables Series and in case you missed the other instalments, you can click on them below!


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