October 26, 2020

Tributes To Legendary Braley Pour In From Across CFL, Sports World

It’s never an easy day when a legend like David Braley is lost. The Lions’ owner and all-time great CFL loyalist and backer passed away at the age of 79 on Monday morning. But we can take solace in the fact he is now in a better place. Beyond that, we can also share our stories and enjoy the outpouring of support that comes in when you lose such a powerful figure. Here are a few of the tribute tweets that poured in on the day we lost our owner, champion and CFL giant David Braley.

It starts with the CFL’s all-time leader in coaching victories, and a man who came to BC as a result of Braley’s courtship and ultimate commitment to the franchise in 2003. Wally Buono himself.

Global BC’s Jay Janower was able to dig up neat footage from his station’s archives from the day Mr. B was officially announced as the new owner prior to 1997.

Grey Cup champion and 2011 CFL Most Outstanding Player Travis Lulay is just one example of an American player looking to the CFL for one last shot at pro football. Naturally, he never really knew how significant his new team owner was to the CFL’s survival over the years.

Broadcast legend Chris Cuthbert also weighed in. And it’s certainly fitting because he was behind the mic for several of the Lions’ biggest victories under Braley’s successful tenure.

On the field, we can be bitter rivals. But one unique thing about the CFL is it really is one big family. We’re all in this boat together. That was evident once again with the tributes from other clubs that were sent out.




And then, of course, our other local teams were grateful in their tributes. People may forget, Mr. Braley also rescued pro soccer in this city when he bought the Vancouver 86ers in 1997.


And in a very lovely tribute, BC Place is glowing orange on Monday evening in honour of the man who as at the helm for many of the stadium’s great memories in the last 25 years.

The tributes won’t stop there either. Many of us who work for and are passionate about the BC Lions Football Club will simply know him as a CFL guy. And he always will be. But he was also a great Canadian. Just look at his history of philanthropy and all the contributions he has made to various organizations over the years. This writer never truly grasped his impact in his hometown until making my first trip with the team to Hamilton and seeing his name on the David Braley Athletic Centre on McMaster’s campus. Rest In Peace, Mr. B.

Matt Baker: