October 7, 2021

The Waggle, Ep. 282: Road To Stardom & Recovery W/ Lucky Whitehead

Episode 282: Path to Stardom & Road to Recovery w/ Lucky Whitehead

EPISODE OVERVIEW: Our guest this week is perhaps a bit un-lucky, as Lucky Whitehead had become a legitimate CFL superstar prior to a hand injury just last week. We talk to him about that as well as his path to the CFL on this week’s episode of The Waggle Podcast.

EPISODE RUNDOWN: Three week 9 games that saved 3 seasons (2:00), Who is the best team in the East? (7:45), Can Winnipeg be stopped? (13:00), Lucky Whitehead interview begins (20:00), Injury update (20:30), Trying to re-enter game against Winnipeg (21:00), Timeline for recovery (23:00), Emerging as a receiver in BC (24:30), Comparable story to that of 2019 MOP Brandon Banks? (25:45), Giving returners a chance at receiver (26:45), The long road to landing with the Lions (28:00), The Lions sale pitch in free agency (30:00), The competition in the west division (33:00), Who will step up for Leos in Lucky’s absence? (34:00), The story behind the name Lucky (35:45), Donnovan’s final thoughts (37:15)


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