February 10, 2022

Sideline Seating Gives Fans Up Close And Personal Look

There is a new way to watch your favourite Lions make more spectacular plays. Like Lucky Whitehead throwing up his signature hand gesture when he crosses the goal line or Bryan Burnham’s acrobatic catch through the traffic.  How about one of the new defensive linemen acquired via free agency wreaking havoc on opposing quarterbacks? Our new sideline field seating will bring season ticket holders even closer to the action in 2022.

At this moment, the BC Lions ticketing team is reaching out to current season ticket holders for an optional upgrade to $1,875 for the season. As the sideline field seating is selling out fast, a total of 238 sideline seats are primarily reserved for season ticket holders.

Dave MacLean, the club’s ticket sales manager says, “Our goal is the sell-out to season ticket holders. If there’s inventory available, potentially there will be limited inventory for single-game tickets. But inventory is moving quickly.”

Sideline field seating in 2022 is an alternative amenity for fans who wish to be closer to the action on top of all the extra exclusive options such as field-level bar, access to a private lounge, access to BC Place 90 minutes before kickoff, and many more bonus offers.

Ever wanted to watch your favourite Lions make plays from a closer view? Our new sideline seating may be the perfect option for you.

The layout of the sideline field seating is designed for fans to feel the excitement of the gameday experience. From the point where fans enter the stadium through a dedicated entrance to the final whistle, all six senses will be activated from every moment.

To ensure that fans can enjoy the game to the fullest, this new gameday section will move the away team’s bench to the home team’s side, with the two team’s now sharing one sideline.

“The exciting part as a fan is that you are literally sitting on the field when players are making tackles, trash-talking each other, and completing the unbelievable catches. It is directly in front of you. There will be the usual officials and media on the field but other than that, nothing is blocking your view of BC Lions action,” MacLean said.

“There’s an on-field bar where you can just leave your sideline seats to grab a drink and not miss a minute of the action. Or you can go to the private lounge that only sideline seat holders can access which provides a concession stand as well as private washrooms.”

The seats themselves provide extra legroom, with a countertop table to place food and beverages.

While the club seating and other ticketing options will still operate as usual, the sideline field seating is dedicated for fans who would like that premium experience at a BC Lions game.

“You see it in games a lot of time, where players are running hard towards the sideline, they can’t stop right away. Well, that’s going to be coming right at the sideline field seat holders.” MacLean added.

Want to get up close to the action starting on June 11th when we tackle Edmonton? For fans who wish to inquire, the BC Lions ticketing department can be contacted through or 604.589.ROAR(7627).