February 1, 2023

Terry Williams | 5 Things To Know

2022 BC Lions Football vs Calgary Photo by Paul Yates

The Lions found the right piece to the puzzle last season in a trade for Terry Williams. The speedy returner and receiver elevated the Lions’ special teams unit which was desperate for a reliable returner. Not only did Terry provide a proper tune-up for the special teams, but the so-called “Hulk” also brought a lot of joy to the locker room.

Before his trade to the Lions, Terry was leading the CFL with 914 kickoff return yards through week 11 while adding another 306 yards off punt returns. After a few weeks of settling into the den, Terry finally enjoyed his breakout game as a Lion during the week 19 match-up against the Blue Bombers at home.

The throwback gunmetal jersey might have played a factor but Terry channeled his inner Hulk that evening and ran for 341 combined return yards. (Kickoff returns: 152, missed field goal returns: 155, punt returns: 34). To kickstart the first edition of 5 Things To Know in 2023, the 5’9’’ superhero fanatic wants you to remember these facts about him.

He's more than just a speedster. From turning heads at Itawamba to a heartwarming fraternity story, Terry Williams has a great story.

1. How Fast is Terry Williams?

We for sure know Terry is fast. But Terry said he never had a chance to show off his speed in front of professional scouts. Due to COVID-19, Terry never experienced a pro day. Some claim that he has a 4.4 or 4.5 40-yard-dash time. But it is still a mystery to this day that no one knows how fast can the speedster can push his limit.

“Nobody knows to this day. We probably got to use one of the practices to see how fast he really is. Before my pro day, I was training for the 40s but it got canceled because of COVID. So I have no official 40-time. That’s something I leave it up to the fans to guess. They can watch the film and guess how fast I am,” Terry said.

“I would love for all the receivers to know because that was a big controversy between us. If I get called out, I’ll be up for the challenge. I don’t want to call out any names so I’ll leave it up to them. Because I have had some O-Line men say they wanted to race me. It really made me want to race them but I just laughed along.”

2. A Historic 126-yard Missed Convert Return

In the 2022 CFL Western Final against the Winnipeg Blue Bombers, Terry’s all-out effort made CFL history. Followed by a missed convert, Terry took the ball out of the end zone and did not lose any pace. With a few key blocks from the Lions’ special teams, the sideline opened just enough crease for Terry to zip his way to the end zone.

“When I saw the ball missing the upright, one thing I was thinking about was don’t get tackled. Go score. Make a play. It wasn’t just for two points. I needed to flip the momentum. I can help change the game. I can do my part, give myself and my teammates more energy,” Terry recalled.

Terry’s 126-yard missed covert return was the hardest two points he had to work for so far in his career.

3. A College Walk-On at Itawamba Community College

Terry was overlooked after high school. With zero offers on the table, Terry decided to be a walk-on at Itawamba Community College in Fulton, Mississippi. The junior college route turned Terry into a difference-maker on the football field. In the following two seasons at Itawamba College, Terry became a two-time NCJAA All-American player and a record-setting sophomore season of 1,095 receiving yards and nine touchdowns. While averaging 121.7 receiving yards per game, Terry also returned six kickoffs for 191 yards and ran one back for a score. His two outstanding seasons at Itawamba led to his commitment to the University of Tennessee Martin.

“I really enjoyed the process of junior college that made me into the athlete I am today,” Terry said.

He's more than just a speedster. From turning heads at Itawamba to a heartwarming fraternity story, Terry Williams has a great story.

4. Terry Is A Great Receiver Too

Terry has always been a dual threat on the football field. Although his strengths are his explosiveness and breakaway speed, Terry has a pair of hands for catching the football as well. Terry was primarily a receiver throughout his playing career until he became a dangerous threat in the return game.

“All my life, I’ve been a receiver at every level. I had to establish myself as a receiver and I did that in junior college, at the division 1 level and even the CFL. I love doing it. Going out there, running routes and making plays,” he said.

One of Terry’s favourite catches in college was against the University of Kentucky. Because no colleges considered recruiting Terry out of high school, he took that game against an SEC school very seriously. He knew more people would be watching him play that day, he had to make a statement on what everyone else was missing out on. This acrobatic catch by Terry was initially ruled out of bounds but the video replay showed that he had secured the ball with his left hand and dragged his toes along the sideline.

“I’ve been making catches like that my whole life. The play before that, I had a 40-yard return. I was tired but I’m still ready to make that catch. I thought it was going to be Top 10. I don’t know how it didn’t make it,” Terry recalled.

5. Terry’s a Proud Member of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity

This doesn’t mean Terry is doing keg stands at parties every weekend. In fact, it’s quite the opposite at Omega Psi Phi. The fraternity preaches manhood, scholarship, perseverance and uplift. According to Omega Psi Phi, it is the first international fraternity founded on the campus of a historically black college. It was founded by three undergraduate students: Edgar Amos Love, Oscar James Cooper and Frank Coleman at Howard University — joined by their faculty advisor, Ernest Everett Just.

“It’s nothing like the movies. You got your brothers for life. The brothers that you can call for whatever you need. If you don’t have a place to stay and you have a brother that’s there, he’ll help you out. At Omega Psi Phi, we like to be in the community, with the families, with the kids to help out wherever we can that’ll leave a positive impact,” Terry said.

He's more than just a speedster. From turning heads at Itawamba to a heartwarming fraternity story, Terry Williams has a great story.

Terry Williams standing on the far right with the Omega Psi Phi fraternity.