Birth Date
September 17
University of Victoria
Bachelor of Fine Arts, Double Minor in Business & Film
Dance Background 
Over 25 years as a dancer. Trained in New York, LA & Montreal. Work full time as dancer, choreographer & instructor.
Career Goals?
Continue growing my company Zynth & Co. Keep bringing positivity to the arts world of Vancouver. Always love & be proud of what I do, everyday.
Words to live by?
We all get 24 hours each day, you decide how to use them.
What is your biggest fear?
Underwater Manmade Objects – Thalassophobia
What has been your greatest accomplishment to date?
Running my own dance company with my business partner in Vancouver for 6 years now & through that getting to choreograph & perform for some amazing events including Montreal Grand Prix, Cirque du Soleil, Calgary Stampede, Shambhala, Vancouver Canucks & more!
Who is your hero?
My Mother
What do you like to do for fun?
Color code my daytimer & to-do lists. #Virgo
Dream Vacation Destination?
One thing people would be surprised to know about me is….
I was in a car accident 6 years ago and was not supposed to be able to do the things I do today. Keep on keeping on!
Do you ever see yourself owning your own business?
I already do and it’s SO much work but worth it all!
Most embarrassing moment?
Being (accidentally) taken out by a CFL player on live TV as I ran onto the field for our opening dance. I barely missed a count though!
What is your Karaoke go-to song?
Mustang Sally
Dream job?
I’ve Got It 🙂
What is the best advice you’ve ever received?
It’s none of my business what other people say of me and think of me.
Advice for someone who dreams of becoming a Felion?
Make the dream a reality and DO IT!