The BC Lions and TELUS are working together to #EndBullying by offering TELUS Wise® workshops to classrooms around Vancouver.

TELUS Wise footprint teaches students from grades 2 to 6 about online safety. Kids learn how to use technology responsibly, keep their digital footprint clean, and deal with cyberbullying.

Partnering with the BC Lions, the Telus #EndBullying program brings BC Lions players to elementary school classrooms to present a free TELUS Wise footprint workshop.

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Together, we can

Did you know?

Cyberbullying affects one
million Canadian youth
every month*, and there
are even more who
witness it.

Want to empower youth to #EndBullying?

Read on for simple guidance on how you can help support youth if they’re being bullied online or witnessing it happen. Plus, we share tips on teaching youth to be kind online, because being kind is cool!

*Based on the Young Canadians’ Experiences with Electronic Bullying report which states that 42% of Canadian youth are bullied in a 4-week period.

Empower youth to help out when they witness cyberbullying:

  • Lend a hand. Privately reach out to the target and offer support.
  • Take a stand. Report the problematic content or individual being mean. If you’re friends with the person being mean, take the conversation offline and tell them to cut it out.
  • Act with tact.
    • Change the subject and distract the person being mean: Ask what people are doing after school or share a funny meme.
    • Give the target an excuse to get out of the situation: Ask the target to help with your homework, or to go for a walk with you.
    • Remind the people involved that fighting back could make things worse.
  • Walk the talk.
    • Avoid being an accomplice.
    • Don’t like or share hurtful posts online.
    • Be mindful of how what you say and do online can impact others’ feelings.

Coach youth on what to do if they are cyberbullied:

  • Stop. Leave the space and don’t engage or argue as it could make things worse.
  • Block. Block messages and/or the person being mean.
  • Record. Save the evidence, taking screenshots if you have to.
  • Talk. Talk to someone about it so you don’t have to deal with it alone.

Be kind online:

  • Share happy, feel-good content and posts.
  • Lift others up with positive comments.
  • Be respectful, even if you disagree.
  • Always think before you post and consider if you’d say it face-to-face “in real life”.

Want to learn more about how to support youth when they experience cyberbullying? Download the TELUS Wise Guide to Helping Kids Navigate Cyberbullying at