Please complete the form below to request an appearance by members of the Felions Dance Team.

As one of the premier dance teams in the CFL, the Felions make hundreds of appearances each year. However, due to the volume of requests we receive, we are unfortunately unable to accommodate every request. Please ensure you provide as much detail as possible when completing the Felion appearance request form.

The cost to have members of the Felions Dance Team appear at your event is a minimum of $50.00 per hour.  Please note there is a two (2) team member and four (4) hour minimum for each booking, for a minimum of $400.00 per event.  Some exceptions may apply to charitable organizations and community events.  Many charities and community organizations offer honourariums to the Felions which are appreciated.

If you would like to submit a letter on your organization’s official letterhead in conjunction with your completed appearance request form, please scan and email to or fax to 604.583.7882.

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