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A way to a Lion’s heart…

…is through his stomach. That’s the truth for both the animal and the football player! Throughout this pandemic, BC Lions players have had a bit more time to work on their cooking playbooks! Be it on their own, or with their families, the Lions have been hard at work in their kitchens with some help from their loved ones.  So, how exactly have they been spending their free time? From baking Halloween treats to cooking up Christmas feasts and finding the perfect Valentine’s Day recipes, we catch up with your favourite Lions to get a little inside view of their Save-On-Foods family moments!

What have you and your family spent more time doing this year?

If you’re anything like BC Lions players, food makes you happy! And what better way to spend a pandemic than by honing your cooking and baking skills? With the help of our friends at Save-On-Foods, we want to bring some fun ideas and inspiration to your family moments to help you build new traditions to carry forward into 2021!

Tired of watching your sour-dough rise? Ready to try some new tricks in the kitchen? Well, it’s time for some holiday baking tricks! Want to ripen your bananas quicker? Need soft butter but just took a pound out of the freezer? No need to fret, our friends at Save-On-Foods have you covered with time-saving holiday baking tips! 

Want some delicious holiday baking inspo? Check out these delicious holiday baking recipes from Save-On-Foods:


Football and family go hand in hand, and you, BC Lions fans, are part of the BC Lions family! We’re excited to share some of your best BC Lions #FamilyMoments photos below. To submit yours, just post a photo on social media, tag us and use the hashtag #familymoments.