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Touchdown Pacific will see the BC Lions play host to the Ottawa REDBLACKS on Saturday, August 31 as part of The CFL’s OK Tire Labour Day Weekend. Royal Athletic Park, located just outside downtown Victoria, will be home to the contest. The popular community stadium will be expanded to welcome 14,000 fans!

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The Venue

The game will be played at Royal Athletic Park in downtown Victoria, where the seating capacity will be expanded to create an epic experience and unique view for fans.



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The Festival

In addition to the game on AUG.31 we will be hosting a two-day festival celebrating Canadian Football. The festival will run on AUG.29 &  AUG.30 and will see Ship Point in the inner harbour transformed into a roaring party. Fans and tourists alike can expect live music, food, and fun for the whole family. It will offer fans from across the province and the country a chance to share in the best of Victoria and the best of football in BC. More details will be available soon.



Is this a Neutral site game like Touchdown Atlantic?

Unlike Touchdown Atlantic this is a BC Lions home game, everything our fans have come to love about the roar of a Lions game will be on full display in Victoria.

How can I get my tickets?

Tickets to Touchdown Pacific Tickets will be available MAR.28 on BCLIONS.COM.

Why are the BC Lions playing In Victoria?

This is a special opportunity for the BC Lions to share our game with fans in Victoria and to welcome CFL fans from across the country to come and enjoy the beautiful capital of British Columbia. As our name suggests we represent the entire province, and we know that our fanbase extends well beyond the lower mainland. This game is a chance to share our 70th season with a community with a rich BC Lions history, and a city that holds a special place in our owner’s heart.

What will you do about traffic and parking during the event?

We are working with the city and local neighborhood association to ensure that any impacts are minimized for the residents around the park. Due to the proximity of the stadium to downtown we’re hoping many people will walk or cycle to the event. We are also looking at having a bicycle valet as part of the event.

Will Touchdown Pacific come back again next year?

The CFL runs the Touchdown series on a year-by-year basis, The BC Lions are focused on making this year’s game a huge successful event for the City of Victoria, the CFL, and the BC Lions.

When will Construction begin on Royal Athletic Park?

The City of Victoria and the parks department have already begun preparing the field in anticipation of the game in August. Over the coming months you may see further preparation and materials being delivered to the facility, to build the temporary stands and create the expanded stadium.


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