February 24, 2023

Lokombo Hungry For More Wins And Community Outreach

2022 CFL BC Lions vs Edmonton

Written by Ryan Bailey- Veteran linebacker Bo Lokombo has been an integral part of the Lions’ success. As he enters his ninth season of pro football, his duties as a leader extend beyond the locker room and into a community he’s called home since he was a young boy.

“For me, I like to lead by example. The biggest thing is being someone who brings energy and who is positive,” he said.

In his time as a youngster, he watched how the veteran players acted in the locker room, and now that has shaped what he brings to the team. He cites two former teammates as being especially impactful on his career.

“When I came into the league I was behind two great linebackers, Solomon Elimimian and Adam Bighill, those guys were established and were the leaders that a lot of guys looked up to. The way they carried themselves, their professionalism, coming in an hour early before everybody else and doing the things they needed to in order to perform at a high level, that’s what I took from them,” Lokombo added.

As time goes on and teammates come and go, the hunger and desire to win only grow deeper. For him, becoming a champion is of the highest importance. He says coming close simply isn’t enough, and having to watch another team hoist the trophy each year only motivates him even more.

“I’m really fired up about getting back at it this year. You want to be a champion. You want to be remembered as a champion.”

Bo Lokombo


“You don’t want to play this game and always lose. We put in so much work, blood, sweat and tears. Some of us leave our families behind, we don’t want to come in and expect to lose.”

This desire to win keeps him motivated every single day, but his maturity has shown him that you need to learn how to lose, to know how to win. As a leader on this team, he knows there is a responsibility to help the team overcome losses and come back stronger.

“Losing and winning. It goes hand in hand. You’re not going to win every game. It’s about how you can bounce back from a loss,” the veteran explained.

Despite all this, his impact on the world goes much further than his presence on the field. Bo has been a key contributor to the Lions’ community programs and it’s something that he is also motivated by.


Having moved to Canada at a young age, he understands how challenging the transition can be and feels a responsibility to support young kids of all backgrounds. Through the Lions’ school visits, Bo is able to connect with students from all over the province. This is an opportunity he says many organizations don’t offer.

“Something I appreciate is that we have a platform to go and talk to students about different topics. Not every organization has that platform where you can talk to kids about bullying, or how to overcome racism. It’s tremendous for us to give back to the community,” he said.

Bo is making a widespread impact through the Team Up to End Racism program, BC Lions Energy Champions and anti-bullying presentations in partnership with Telus. He says a lack of exposure to these programs in his childhood further motivates him to influence today’s youth.

“When I was in school, we never had a professional athlete who came to talk to us about those topics,” Lokombo said.

“What we’re doing now is very impactful. It’s good for the community and it’s good for the kids.”

Bo’s experience as an immigrant helps him connect on a deeper level with a lot of students who are trying to find their way in a new home.

“A lot of kids who come from another country usually leave everything behind. They have to restart completely. They have to make new friends, adapt to a new culture, and do a lot of things that local kids never would.

It can be very difficult and if you don’t have a support system or someone to help guide you, you might get lost along the way.”

These collective experiences both on and off the field have shaped Bo Lokombo into a valuable piece of the Lions organization and community.