July 31, 2023

Mauger Keeping His Outfits Authentic & Staying Fly With The Defence

Preparation is Quincy Mauger’s secret to help the defence stay on top of the league and plan to be the best dresser in the CFL.

He will make you feel his presence on the field and also ensure you take a good look at his style. No matter if it’s travelling on the road or arriving at BC Place, get the camera ready for Mauger.

“Man, if you know me, I’m very high energy, outspoken. Anytime I can turn heads and give somebody a little bit of inspiration, that’s what I’m trying to do. What can I do to speak volumes of just me,” Mauger on his dedication towards his outfit.

Like preparing for a game, Mauger takes the time to explore the options he could put together for the most authentic outfit.

“I like to change it up. I don’t like to give everyone the same thing every week. Each week, it’s going to be a little different. I definitely give it more effort on away games because we are right by the planes,” he added.


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Being with the Lions for two seasons, he has gone from a first-year player who was getting a feel of the CFL to freely expressing himself on and off the field.

It all began during Week 15 of the 2022 season when Mauger arrived at the airport tarmac with a Drake-inspired sleeveless outfit. He checked the weather forecast with the possibility of rain. Mauger left his place with an umbrella — which turns out to be the best accessory of his outfit.

“You want to be different. I felt like at the time, the cutoff sleeve was a thing already in Canada, Drake was all over that. I had to take it up another notch with the sweater vest. I already have this mentally prepared, so this umbrella is coming with me,” Mauger said.

Confidence is the key to pulling any outfit off. Not only does Mauger wants to look fresh in front of the camera, but he also wants to cheer his teammate up and put the CFL on notice.

Although there are a few candidates on each team across the league for being the best dresser, Mauger feels like he has to be up on the list.

“I feel like I’m the best dressed. I mean, it’s a unanimous decision at this point,” Mauger chuckled.

“Not going to lie, my favourite outfits I’ve worn so far would have to be the one going to Calgary, it was the scarf over the head, monotonic cream, butter cream butter cream. Last year, I would say my favourite was the green bucket hat.”

ung defensive back, Quincy Mauger continues to find success on the field and inspiration to keep his outfit game strong.

The consistency to be able to show up each week to play his best football with the defence, even with a cast on his right hand. Mauger makes the most out of each tough circumstance, that’s something he took away from being a Georgia Bulldog.

To earn a spot on the University of Georgia’s football team, Mauger had to undergo numerous sacrifices compare with people of the same age.

“You just must know there are certain things that are your priorities. What could benefit you and what could hurt you? There’s a lot of things I had to put behind when I was that age as far as you know like parties. When you have something like Georgia football, it’s a tough responsibility. You signed up for it,” Mauger recalled.

With his right hand all wrapped up, Mauger is still charging at the opposition with the hit stick. He may have a hard time catching the ball for another few weeks with the cast on, but he could still lay the hammer at any given time.

“You can’t catch picks as easy as you would like to. I still got the same dawg mentality. It’s just another objective to get over. My team trusts me to still make the same plays. I don’t see too much of a difference. Once I do make an interception with this cast on, RP said it’s going to be tough to take it off at that point. Whether my hand is healed or not,” Mauger said.

“The scary part is I actually believe him. As long as I’m able to be out on the field, I’m going to get the job done.”

The cast on his right hand is also becoming an accessory for his game-day outfit and one of many reasons to celebrate after a big play on defence.

The second-year safety continues to complement the 2023 stellar defence with 24 total tackles, one quarterback sack and three pass knockdowns. With another shutout win over the Edmonton Elks in Week eight, the defence must quickly turn the page to Winnipeg this Thursday.

“This is the most I’ve felt like a family since back in high school, college days. It’s very rare, especially at the professional level to feel such a close bond. The DBs, we all got each other’s back, I feel grateful, blessed to be out there being able to showcase my talent and ball with my team,” he said.

ung defensive back, Quincy Mauger continues to find success on the field and inspiration to keep his outfit game strong.